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Stop-JS7ControllerInstance [[-Url] <Uri>] [[-Action] <String>] [-Restart] [-NoFailover] [-Service] [[-AuditComment] <String>] [[-AuditTimeSpent] <Int32>] [[-AuditTicketLink] <Uri>] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]


The stop stopping of a Controller instance is performed and optionally the instance fails over
to the passive cluster member in a JS7 Controller cluster.

The following REST Web Service API resources are used:

* /controller/abort
* /controller/abort_and_restart
* /controller/restart
* /controller/terminate


-Url <Uri>
Optionally the Url of the Controller instance to be stopped can be specified.
Without this parameter the active Controller will be stopped.
Consider Note that stopping a passive Controller in a JS7 cluster cannot perform
a fail-over as the current cluster member instance is passive.


-NoFailover <SwitchParameter>
This switch prevents a fail-over to happen from happening when stopping the active Controller
in a cluster. Instead, the restarted Controller will remain the active cluster instance.


-AuditComment <String>
Specifies a free text that indicates the reason for the current intervention, e.g. "business requirement", "maintenance window" etc.

The Audit Comment is visible from the Audit Log view of the JOC Cockpit.
This parameter is not mandatory. However, however, the JOC Cockpit can be configured to enforce require Audit Log comments for all interventions.