Why should you vote for issues?

First of all we appreciate your feedback. Our products are Open Source and therefore we rely on a Community that suggests and confirms effective user needs.

In fact we perform release planning based on needs of both customers of a Commercial License and users of an Open Source License.

  • Customers are invited to provide funding for development of specific features and for prioritisation of features in our roadmap.
  • Users are invited to express their interest in specific features and to watch the assignment of proposed features to releases.

Is your voting respected?

We will definitely consider your votes. We cannot guarantee that individual votes will result in immediate development of features. This is due to the fact that we have to

  • prioritize bug-fixing to feature development.
  • balance resources between support, development and project work.
  • consider architecture restrictions that might require a different sequence of feature development steps.

Additional means to express your interest in features include:

How is voting effected?

  • Voting is enabled for registered users. You could self-register in our Change Management System (JIRA), no restrictions apply for anyone who wants to vote for issues.
  • With every issue you will find a symbol that allows to add a vote like this:

  • Clicking once the above mentioned link you will add a vote. A repeated click would remove your vote.

How to monitor votes?

  • Track your feature! For details on watching see the article on Tracking Issues.
  • Check the JIRA System Dashboard for votes on unresolved issues. When scrolling down the dashboard you will find the following information:

  • Should an issue that you voted for not be visible then this means that the issue has already been resolved and is shipped with the assigned release.


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